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Welcome to the very first Mompact Blog Hop! There are over 120 blogs participating in this blog hop, each one giving away a fabulous MOM INVENTED product!! Make sure to hop along a visit each blog and enter to win one of 150 prizes!! If you get lost just visit Mompact ~all the blogs are numbered (We are #1) and find you way and get back to hoppin’!!
Just a little info about Mompact

Mompact is about moms supporting moms in business – from part-time work-at-home opportunities to blogging, to inventing and creating retail empires.

Let’s face it, moms are rocking the economy. From supplementing the family’s income to inventing new products and building large corporations, moms are having an impact in business. Mompact is a site devoted to providing free business resources to moms and connecting moms to other moms. It’s a place to support other mom businesses, discover products made by moms, and connect with mom bloggers.

Now on to our giveaway:

It’s the koozie for kids!
Insulate that boring sippy cup or baby bottle with something fabulous and functional.  Kidzikoos are made out of neoprene and adorned in 5 adorable, kid-friendly, unisex prints!
  • Keeps cold beverages cold & warm beverages warm
  • No more ice cold little hands
  • Eliminates water rings on your furniture
  • Soaks up condensation
  • Stretches to fit most 8-12 oz bottles and sippy cups
  • Soft, squishy, and comfy to hold
  • Easily identify which bottle/sippy belongs to your child
  • Protects glass bottles
  • Machine washable
  • Kids LOVE them!
    Connect with Kidzikoo
Enter to win a Kidzikoo of your choice!

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Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to participate in the Mompact Blog Hop. I received one Kidzikoo for facilitating this giveaway. I was not compensated to participate. This is Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s personal opinion.This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. We hereby release Facebook of any liability.

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  1. i like the lucia

  2. I like the drew print!

  3. I like Lucia Print the best

    knjmcd at gmail dot com
    (Justine McD.)

  4. I like the Lucia print!! =D

  5. The Lucia Print is super cute!

  6. i like the landon print

  7. I like the Danny print. Super cute!

  8. I think the Landon Print is my favorite :) My little boy is due in 1 week, and I’d love one of these for him!

  9. I think my favorite is either one of the Taylor Prints.

    danellejohns at gmail dot com

  10. Both the Landon Print are adorable.

  11. I like the Kidzikoo – Taylor Print

  12. I like the Landon Print :)
    Kkrasowski at comcast dot net

  13. I like the Kidzikoo – Landon Print.
    jandplee at att.net

  14. I like the Landon Print (Red, Pink, Blue Dogs)
    karenmed409 at comcast dot net

  15. lucia print

  16. I love the Danny print!


  17. I like the one with the dogs on it.I thank my son would jus love t.

  18. I love the Kidzikoo-Danny print, jus love it…

  19. I like the Lucia Print

  20. Love the owl print :)


  21. I like the Lucia print.

  22. i love the landon print! so cute
    jessica berry
    brodsen at gmail dot com

  23. Such a cute idea!!! I JUST spent way too much money this morning to get sippy cups with dinosaurs on them… this is a way better solution, haha. I love the “drew print” with the monsters.

    Emily @ Baby Dickey
    erdickey at gmail dot com

  24. I LOVELOVELOVE the lucia print!

    creativitylost at me dot com

  25. I like the london design

  26. I like the Lucia print!

  27. I like the Landon Print b

  28. Love love love the kidzikoo Lucia print!

  29. I like the Landon Print

  30. I love the Kidzikoo – Danny Print

    frazzledmama30 at gmail dot com

  31. I love the Lucia Print

  32. I love the Drew Print babyjamesfound@gmail.com

  33. I like the Danny Print.
    hickenfam at hotmail dot com

  34. I like the Lucia print

  35. I love the Lucia print. Thank you!
    Laurie Adams

  36. I love the Danny Print!

  37. Looove the Lucia print!


  38. These are very lovely a really nice upgrade many thanks for the giveaway ^_^

  39. LOVE the Lucia print best and the Danny one second best.

  40. I love the Lucia print!



  42. I really love the Lucia print. It is bright and fun!

  43. I like the Lucia Print.

  44. a very neat idea

  45. The Sea Monsters are adorable! erinnsluka@gmail

  46. I like the Lucia print

  47. i like the taylor print

  48. I love the Kidzikoo – Lucia Print!!

    christyn mckenna

  49. Landon print

  50. Lucia! :)

  51. lucia

  52. the lucia print is my fav

  53. I love the owls!!!

  54. Landon print

  55. the owls are really cute!

  56. I love the lucia print the best.


  57. I like the Taylor print.

  58. I like the Landon Print.

    mammabear06 at gmail dot com

  59. Landon print is the cutest!

  60. i like the taylor print

  61. I like Danny

  62. I like the Danny Print!


  63. I like the Drew print the best
    heididaily at gmail dot com

  64. I like the Lucia

  65. I like the taylor print

  66. Love the Kidzikoo – Lucia Print!

  67. My favorite is the Lucia Print :)


  68. I like the Danny Print!

  69. I like Lucia Print

  70. Love the Danny Print

  71. I like Kidzikoo – Taylor Print

  72. Love the Lucia Print one 😀

  73. I like the Drew Print in red orange and blue sea monsters!
    abgillette at gmail.com

  74. I like the lucia print an I want to win!

  75. The little owl Lucia print is absolutely adorable!

  76. Sarah M Roberts :

    I love the Landon print! My lil man would too! He loves puppies! :)

  77. I like the Taylor Print

  78. I like the Kidzikoo – Landon Print

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  79. I love the Drew print

  80. I love the Lucia print!
    jujubee676 at msn.com

  81. danny print! dixie lovelycarnage@yahoo.com

  82. I like the Lucia print
    (Velvet Hubler)

    velvethubler at yahoo dot com

  83. This looks like drinking glasses that my grandkids would fight over who gets to use it.

  84. oops forgot to add in my favorite print. I will choose the Danny print

  85. I like the Landon Print the best.


  86. I like Drew and Taylor.


  87. I like the Drew print

  88. I like the “Kidzikoo-Danny Print”
    [cow, chicken, porcupine, caterpillar print]

  89. I love the Drew print.

    Thanks, Kim

  90. I like the Lucia print.

    cgclynsg0 @ gmail dot com

  91. I like the Taylor print super cute for a boy:)

  92. i’d love the lucia print!

  93. Love the Lucia print april.ockerman@yahoo.com

  94. Tiffany LaCourse :

    I love the Lucia Print

  95. I love the London Print.


  96. I love the Taylor Print

  97. I like the danny print.


  98. I like the Lucia Print!

  99. I love the lucia print


  100. I like the Kidzikoo – Danny Print.
    strawberry_sweetheart39 at yahoo dot com

  101. I like the Lucia Print

  102. I like the Landon Print

  103. I like a lot of them, but I think I like Lucia the best :)

  104. Great site. I am a new GFC follower from blogaholic. Hope you’ll stop by and follow my blog. Look forward to following you. Donna

  105. I like the – Lucia Print.

  106. Lucia Print
    Love it!

  107. I like landon print

  108. I like the Lucia Print the most!

  109. Christina Domingue :

    i love the Lucia and Tyler print.
    i am having trouble following you on GFC. there is no button to click

  110. Love the Lucia print!
    tvpg at aol dot com

  111. the Landon print I like the best!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  112. My son and I love the Taylor Print.

  113. I like the Danny Print

  114. The Lucia Print is one I like.

  115. I love the green one with the monsters on it!

  116. Drew Print – SO CUTE!

  117. Drew Print, Love it!

  118. I like the Kidzikoo – Drew Print the best

  119. Love the Lucia print!

  120. I like the Landon print!
    mommys3lilbirds at gmail dot com

  121. I like the Taylor print!

  122. I like the Drew print the best!
    Janel C

  123. LOVE the Lucia print!

    aakwatt at yahoo dot com

  124. I like the dogs the best! We have 5 dogs and are “dog” people!

  125. I like the Taylor Print

  126. I like Lucia Print

  127. I love the Lucia Print

  128. the Lucia Print is my favorite.

    kymom at iglide.net

  129. I like the Kidzikoo – Taylor Print


  130. I love the owls. I love owls.
    btjfarnham at yahoo dot com

  131. I love the Drew print!

  132. I like the Taylor

  133. I really love the Lucia Print!

  134. I like the Owl print.

  135. I like the Landon print! Would love to win and pass it along to my neighbour!

  136. I like the lucia and danny prints!

  137. Kidzikoo – Taylor Print

  138. We love owl in our house so the Luca print it is.

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