Heelys Skate Shoes ~ Wheelin’ Around

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Heelys are the two-in-one shoe that lets you take life at your own pace. With the wheels out, the stylish designs perform and look just like any other shoe. When you easily put the wheels in, you roll at a different speed. Heelys are about exploring your freedom, unleashing the fun and empowering you to be fearless.

Just a few Safety Tips from the HEELYS PLAYBOOK 

1. When you’re in a crowded area, it’s best not to roll through the crowd. Take a minute and just remove your wheels until you’re in a more open area. Once you’ve walked through the crowd and in a open environment, pop the wheels back in and get rolling!
2. Just as when you’re riding a bike, always pass someone on their left hand side. It’s also best to let them know you’re skating by before you get to them so they and don’t step out in front of you. This will prevent accidentally bumping into someone. Also, pass and at a slow speed. This way, no one will get startled if you roll by too quickly! You can alert others exercising outside by simply saying your left.”
3. Follow any postings or rules about where the use of skating prohibited. This includes malls, grocery stores, etc. If you’re not sure whether or not skating is allowed, just ask an adult working there. If skating with Heelys are not allowed, just wait until after you leave the store to pop your wheels back in.
4. Make sure you have enough room around you to use your Heelys. If you and a friend are skating together, make sure you’re at a safe distance apart. This will prevent accidentally getting tangled with your friend if you lose your balance or trip.
5. Be aware of the ground you’re planning to use your Heelys on. Cracks in the sidewalk, rocks, and unlevel ground may make skating difficult and risky—not just for you, but for others around you as well.
6. Always stay focused on what you’re doing and where you’re going. Becoming distracted may cause you to lose your balance or not be fully aware of what’s in front of you. It’s best not to do other activities while skating, such as talking or texting on a phone, eating, or drinking.

Connect with Heely’s:

When I learned of the Heelys opportunity, my first thought was of Maddie! I knew that she has been asking for Heelys for  a very long time. So when I asked her to help facilitate this review she was ecstatic!!  She picked out a very cute pair of pink and grey Heely’s

Initially I was surprised to find out that the wheels were not installed already~ I thought that they came in and out of the heel somehow! Which is not the case, you have to install the wheels when you want to “skate” and remove them when you want to use them as just shoes!! Maddie was excited (and a little nervous) to put the wheels in and try them out for the first time…

She held on the couch to balance herself as she got use to wheelin’ around! It was fun watching her learn how to “skate” around and the excitement on her face as she learned to get around in her wheeled shoes! She was getting it down in no time!! She loves the Heely’s! We Give this product two thumbs up for fun and versatility and recommend the purchase of this product to others!! Here is a collage of her wheelin’ around and showing her new shoes off…

Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to review Heelys through Business 2 Blogger. I was provided a pair of Heelys shoes to facilitate this review! I was not compensated to write a positive or favorable review. This is Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s personal opinion.

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